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2D padding.


  • pads : Integer, 2 integers, or 4 integers, padding values.
    If integer, the height and width are symmmetrically padded with the same value.
    If 2 integers, the height and weight are symetrically padded with [pad_h, pad_w].
    If 4 integers, the height and weight are padded with [pad_top, pad_left, pad_bottom, pad_right].
    The default is 0.
  • mode : String, padding method.
    'constant', 'reflect' and 'symmetric' are compatible with 'CONSTANT', 'REFLECT' and 'SYMMETRIC' on Tensorflow.
    'edge' is compatible with 'edge' on ONNX
    The default is 'constant'.
  • constant_value : Float, a constant value if mode is 'constant'. The default is 0.