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Model Information

Commands for showing various DNN file information.


Show DNN file attributes such as tuning/encryption status and input/output. The available attributes are as follows:

  • NAME : File name
  • NET : Net information
  • INPUT : Input shape
  • OUTPUT : Output shape
  • #OPS : Operation count
  • CIPHER : Encryption status
  • COMPRESS : Compression information
  • TUNE : Tuning status and schemas
  • #THR : Number of threads used for tuning
  • AFFMASKS : Affinity mask used for tuning

softneuro attr [-pass PASSWORD] [-help] DNN...


Argument Description
DNN DNN file to have its attributes printed. More than one can be set at once.


Flag Description
-h, --help    Show this help message and exit.
-p, --pass PASSWORD  Password for DNN.
--net Show net information, i.e. net names, input/output shapes and the number of operations.
--cipher Show cipher information.
--compress Show compression information.
--tune Show tuning information. 
-a, --all Show all information.


$ softneuro attr -a -p password ssd_tuned_ciphered_compressed.dnn
NAME                               NET          INPUT        OUTPUT            #OPS  CIPHER    COMPRESS  TUNE       #THR  AFFMASKS
ssd_tuned_ciphered_compressed.dnn  preprocess   1x300x300x3  1x300x6  2,286,418,064  password  qint8     cpu           4       0x2
                                   main                                                                  cpu/naive             0x2
                                   postprocess                                                                                 0x2


Shows input and output sizes for each layer, among other information for a DNN file.


usage: softneuro view  [--help] [--password] [--param] [--routine] [--size] [--all]
                      [-name NAME]... [-type TYPE]...


Argument Description
DNN DNN file to have its information displayed.


Flag Description
-h, --help    Show this help message and exit.
-p, --pass PASSWORD  Password for DNN.
-P, --param Show the input, output, weight and parameters for each layer.
-r, --routine Show the routines and their parameters for each layer.
-s, --size Show the data size for all data.
-a, --all Combines the --param, --routine and --size flags.
--name NAME Filters the information to any layer containing NAME in its name.
--type TYPE Filters the information by layer type.


$ softneuro view ssd.dnn
0  ?     source
1  ?     resize
2  ?     madd
3  ?     sink

 #  NAME                     TYPE
 0  input_1                  source
 1  conv1                    conv2
 2  conv_dw_1                depthwise_conv2
 3  conv_pw_1                conv2
 4  conv_dw_2                depthwise_conv2
 5  conv_pw_2                conv2
 6  conv_dw_3                depthwise_conv2
 7  conv_pw_3                conv2
 8  conv_dw_4                depthwise_conv2
 9  conv_pw_4                conv2
10  conv_dw_5                depthwise_conv2
11  conv_pw_5                conv2
12  conv_dw_6                depthwise_conv2
13  conv_pw_6                conv2
14  conv_dw_7                depthwise_conv2
15  conv_pw_7                conv2
16  conv_dw_8                depthwise_conv2
17  conv_pw_8                conv2
18  conv_dw_9                depthwise_conv2
19  conv_pw_9                conv2
20  conv_dw_10               depthwise_conv2
21  conv_pw_10               conv2
22  conv_dw_11               depthwise_conv2
23  conv_pw_11               conv2
24  conv_dw_12               depthwise_conv2
25  conv_pw_12               conv2
26  conv_dw_13               depthwise_conv2
27  conv_pw_13               conv2
28  conv14_1                 conv2
29  conv14_2                 conv2
30  conv15_1                 conv2
31  conv15_2                 conv2
32  conv16_1                 conv2
33  conv16_2                 conv2
34  conv17_1                 conv2
35  conv17_2                 conv2
36  conv17_mbox_conf_2       conv2
37  conv17_mbox_conf_2_flat  reshape
38  conv5_mbox_conf_2        conv2
39  conv5_mbox_conf_2_flat   reshape
40  conv5_mbox_loc           conv2
41  conv5_mbox_loc_flat      reshape
42  conv5_mbox_priorbox      priorbox
43  conv11_mbox_conf_2       conv2
44  conv11_mbox_conf_2_flat  reshape
45  conv11_mbox_loc          conv2
46  conv11_mbox_loc_flat     reshape
47  conv11_mbox_priorbox     priorbox
48  conv13_mbox_conf_2       conv2
49  conv13_mbox_conf_2_flat  reshape
50  conv13_mbox_loc          conv2
51  conv13_mbox_loc_flat     reshape
52  conv13_mbox_priorbox     priorbox
53  conv14_mbox_conf_2       conv2
54  conv14_mbox_conf_2_flat  reshape
55  conv14_mbox_loc          conv2
56  conv14_mbox_loc_flat     reshape
57  conv14_mbox_priorbox     priorbox
58  conv15_mbox_conf_2       conv2
59  conv15_mbox_conf_2_flat  reshape
60  conv15_mbox_loc          conv2
61  conv15_mbox_loc_flat     reshape
62  conv15_mbox_priorbox     priorbox
63  conv16_mbox_conf_2       conv2
64  conv16_mbox_conf_2_flat  reshape
65  conv16_mbox_loc          conv2
66  conv16_mbox_loc_flat     reshape
67  conv16_mbox_priorbox     priorbox
68  conv17_mbox_loc          conv2
69  conv17_mbox_loc_flat     reshape
70  conv17_mbox_priorbox     priorbox
71  mbox_priorbox            concat
72  mbox_conf                concat
73  mbox_conf_logits         reshape
74  activation_36            softmax
75  mbox_loc                 concat
76  mbox_loc_final           reshape
77  predictions              concat
78  sink_0                   sink

#  NAME      TYPE
0  source_1  source
1  decode    decode_ssd
2  sink      sink


Generates an image file showing the model architecture for a DNN file.


usage: softneuro plot  [--help] [--net NET] [--bg-color BG_COLOR] [--fg-color FG_COLOR]
                      [--font-color FONT_COLOR] [--font_size SIZE] [--format FORMAT]
                      DNN OUTPUT


Argument Description
DNN DNN file to be plotted.
OUTPUT Output image file.


Flag Description
-h, --help Shows the command help.
--net NET Network (preprocess, main...) to be transformed into an image.
Defaults to main.
--bg-color BG_COLOR Image background color.
Defaults to white.
--fg-color FG_COLOR Rectangle color.
Defaults to black.
--font-color FONT_COLOR Font color.
Defaults to black.
--font-size SIZE Font size.
Defaults to 14.
--format FORMAT Output file format, one of auto, png, svg, gif, jpeg, pdf or dot.
Defaults to auto (the OUTPUT file extension).

The following image will be generated as "inception.png".
※There's no terminal output.

softneuro plot inception.dnn inception.png