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Routine Descriptor

The routine descriptor specifies the method of using command line options.


Content of each category

Name Content
DEVICE The name of the device family; cpu, opencl, cuda etc., can be used.
DTYPE The data type; float32 (default), float16, qint8 etc., can be used.
CH The positioning of channels in the tensor;
chf (channels-first),
chl (channels-last:default) are available.
LEVEL Optimization level of routine algorithms; naive, fast (default), and faster are available.
AUX Additional information; parameters other than LEVELcan be specified.
INDICES Specifies the layers using indexes; specifying a single index (such as @1), or multiple indexes (as in @1,2, @1..3) is possible.


  • specify 'DEVICE='cpu', DTYPE='float32', CH='chl', LEVEL='faster' and AUX='wg3x3_nxn'
  • specify DEVICE='opencl', DTYPE='float16', CH='chl', LEVEL='fast' and AUX=''
  • Specify DEVICE='cpu', DTYPE='float32', CH='chf', LEVEL='naive' and AUX=''

Example commands that use routine descriptors

  • run on GPU using OpenCL
$ softneuro run --routine opencl/fast@2..23 --routine cpu@1,24 vgg16.dnn
  • tune on CPU with 8-bit quantization
$ softneuro tune --routine cpu:qint8/fast vgg16.dnn vgg16_tuned.dnn