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SoftNeuro command list

The SoftNeuro command line tool has a variety of uses, as listed below. It is possible to check all available commands by running the softneuro command without any arguments.

General Operation Commands

  • help: Shows basic command help.
  • version: Shows version information.
  • license: Handle/display license information.

DNN File Operation Commands

Model Information

  • attr: Show DNN file information.
  • view: Show detailed information on the model structure and layers.
  • plot: Save a DNN file model architecture as an image.

Model Editing

  • extract: Extract weights and model data from a DNN file.
  • archive: Archive weights and model data into a DNN file.
  • refine: Optimize a DNN file for faster inference.
  • compress: Reduce the DNN file weights data size.
  • cipher: Encrypt a DNN file.
  • calibrate : Calibrate a DNN file for static quantization.
  • decompose : Decompose net of a DNN file.

Model Conversion

Execution, Profiling and Tuning Commands

  • run: Run inference using a DNN file.
  • init: Init profiling data.
  • add: Add layer routine settings to profiling data.
  • rm: Remove routine information from profiling data.
  • reset: Reset profiling information.
  • status: Show profiling results information.
  • profile: Run profiling using profiling data to generate profiling information.
  • tune: Tune a DNN file.

Layer/Routine Operation Commands

  • plugins: Show available plugins, such as AVX and CUDA.
  • layers: Shows available layers.
  • lparams: Shows the parameters for a given layer.
  • routine: Shows available routines.
  • rparams: Shows the parameters for a given routine.
  • test: Test runs a given layer.

numpy Operation Commands

  • mknpy: Create a numpy file that can be used as inference input.
  • attrnpy: Show numpy file information such as data type and shape.
  • viewnpy: Show the contents of a numpy file.
  • cmpnpy: Compare similarity between numpy files.